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Top 7 Arizona Cardinals Golds in History

The Cardinals boast 100-year-long history on the pitch and have won only 558 out of 1,362 games. With such a legacy, the team has a few memorable wins as well. So, here are the top 7 wins that the team’s fans can never forget!

Jan. 10, 2010: Cardinals vs. Packers

                                                     Associated Press: Cardinals vs. Packers

Among the fiercest playoffs in the history of the National Football League, this match ended with a score of 51-45 with the Cardinals in the lead. The significant fact is that this game was also the highest-scoring playoff of all time!Also, Arizona’s beloved quarterback, Kurt Warner, bid farewell to the team after this season.

Nov. 6, 1988: Cardinals vs. 49ers

The 49ers had a lead of 23-0 in the third quarter of the game, but did that discourage the Cardinals? Nope! They played up and managed to string together 23 unimpeded points in front of a cheering home crowd! This 23-point resurgence is the biggest win in their history and only triumph over the 49ers in the ’80s.

Dec. 27, 1998: Cardinals vs. Chargers

This game pushed them to a postseason match for the first time in years, since ’82 to be precise. The scoreboard displayed the Cardinals leading with a tally of 16-13!

Jan. 16, 2016: Cardinals vs. Packers

Six years before this match, the Cardinals and the Packers were battling in the highest-scoring playoff in NFL history. But this match was even wilder. The stunning 26-20 win is certainly one for the books!

Jan. 2, 1999: Cardinals vs. Cowboys

                                                           Cardinals vs. Cowboys in 1999

This was Arizona’s first postseason match in 16 years! And they did just great with an outstanding tally of 20-7! The Cowboys had never lost to them in a home game since 1982. Still, with jocks like Adrian Murrell and Aeneas Williams, Cardinals’ win was an easy prediction.

Dec. 28, 1947: Cardinals vs. Eagles

                                        Matt Rourke/Associated Press: Cardinals vs. Eagles

The Cardinals won their first-ever NFL championship when they played against the Eagles in 1947. This was a memorable game and a must-watch; when the timer went off, they had scored 28 goals, and the Eagles finished with 21. Close call but a big win!

Jan. 18, 2009: Cardinals vs. Eagles

This match marked a significant event in the franchise’s history – it led the team to the Super Bowl! The Cardinals were in the lead with a score of 32-25. True, they didn’t win the Super Bowl in a match against Steelers, but it is certainly one of the biggest achievements in their history!

The walk down memory lane was quite lovely. And maybe in a decade, we could reminisce Arizona Cardinals’ first Super Bowl win— only time can tell!

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