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Recollecting the Football Career of Donald Igwebuike


Doug Pensinger/ Gettyimages : Donald Igwebuike during his career 

Even after forty years of this memory, Donald Igwebuike still laughs at it: the first football match that he had ever been to, had Danny Ford, the coach for Clemson, screaming for his kicker when a fourth-down happened.

The football player wants this offense to be excused asking how people can think that he knew what a fourth down was at the time? Just after, he scored a 52-yarder, and the rest became history.

This tale is just a small part of Donald Igwebuike’s cinematic career. So, where does the story start? Let’s find out.

The Early Times

George Gojkovich/Gettyimages : What happened to Donald Igwebuike?

Back in the day, a young Igwebuike was found in Enugu, Nigeria. His childhood buddy, Obed Ariri, suggested him to Clemson’s coach, who encouraged the star to join their team. As part of it, he gradually learned to control the ball along with some football rules and made three goals.

He aimed at the NFL after getting better at the sport every year. Ariri helped him prepare for the draft by coming back to the campus, but the guy, to his disappointment, dropped to the 10th round and was taken by Tampa Bay.

Now, Igwebuike was left with no option but to try for Buccaneers for which his friend was also striving. It turned into a filmy duel between two folks who shared a bond since the beginning. He has reported that it wasn’t easy to do; he told Ariri to do the best he can without letting it get to their friendship.

It’s obvious that our kicker won the battle. He still recalls it to be a dream in which the starting pay was $60,000 with lots of bonuses – only a few thousand people get to walk in this fantasy.

Many Steps Forward

Herb Weitman/USA TODAY Sports: Ups and downs of Donald Igwebuike’s career

Igwebuike became popular for the sense of humor that he filled those locker room sessions with. When asked about the best league memories today, he mentions people, not golden matches. The man lists playing alongside Vinny Testaverde, Dan Marino, Steve Young, etc. to be blissful moments.

After spending five years with Tampa, he became their best leading scorer of all time.

Ready, Set, End!

Donald Igwebuike’s career tough times

And then comes an absurd chapter from his life. Suddenly, the player was accused of a conspiracy to import and distribute substance. The news made for a billion headlines, yet the government couldn’t prove him to be guilty.

In 1991, the man was freed from these charges. He left the court with tears in his eyes.

Then? He settled down with a family, left football, and, many years later, is the host plus organizer for the 2021 NFL event. Today, he can barely jog across the field, but can play soccer for two hours!


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