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NFL Trades That Could’ve Changed the Game

Many legendary players were meant to play for a different team, which is why the NFL’s history has seen many trades where an athlete, eventually, landed somewhere else. But have you ever given a thought to the trades that never happened?

Here are four picks from these give-and-takes to think about!

 Brett Favre to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Brett Favre was traded to New York Jets 

When ties between the Packers and Brett Favre became acidic, the team decided to move Aaron Rodgers forward. On the other hand, Favre wanted to return, so they committed to finding a trade partner.

Jon Gruden served as the instructor for Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time and believed that his team had a deal for scoring Favre in place; he took their word over a call.

When tomorrow arrived, Santa Claus didn’t come with it as the Packers had sent Favre to the New York Jets. Gruden reported that it was a sad day for him.

 Tim Brown to Steve Young for Los Angeles Raiders

Steve Young stayed with the Niners

In 1992, the Raiders showed interest in getting Steve Young, who played for the San Francisco 49ers. The Niners, in return, were inclined to get Tim Brown, making it an expensive deal for the Los Angeles group.

Young confirmed that the other party did want to get their hands on him, but without a doubt, he just wanted to continue with the Niners! Guess what? He stayed!

 Washington’s Take on John Elway

ProShooter/depositphotos: John Elway for Washington or Denver?

Elway had appeared in all of his sixteen professional seasons as a part of the Denver Broncos, but they still planned on sending the man to Washington in 1991.

Washington’s then-general manager, Charlie Casserly, said that they did call Jim Lachey to ask the price for Elway. Once this part was done, it became clear that the group wouldn’t give him away at any cost, so no further discussion took place.

Dan Marino to Oakland Raiders

When Dan Marino’s situation started to annoy the Miami Dolphins, they let the Raiders have a shot at him in 1990.

The deal was very close to being inked on paper, but things changed after a round of talks. Dolphin’s coach, Shula, was about to take the step, but then he increased the price for Marino, not once but twice. This called the offer off from the troupe’s tutor.

Had these trade-offs taken place, every match played after would have given a different result. But, as we all know, fate always knows what’s best!

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