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Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks Who Changed the Game Forever

59 Cleveland Browns quarterbacks have started a match for them over the years. We decided to delve into the top 10 of the lot, who led the team to playoffs and/or were awarded separate honors too.

Derek Anderson

                                  Matt Sullivan/Getty Images: Derek Anderson – Browns’ former QB

Anderson, the Browns quarterback’s misery came to an end, at least momentarily, in 2007 when he had a breakthrough season and led the team to a winning score of 10-6! This was the first victory for the team since 2002.

Mike Phipps

When Mike was in college, his masters knew that the young lad had what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, but he was enlisted as a backup. How did he make it to the final list, you ask? He was substituted for an injured player, Bill Nelson, and soon, he became a dependable athlete for the team!

Vinny Testaverde

Vinny started off as a backup, but with his incredible talent, it did not take the jock too long to flap the position of Bernie Kosar in the middle of a season! Within just a couple of years on the field, his regular-season record went up to 16-15!

Tim Couch

                                                               Getty Images: Tim Couch 

The #1 draft pick wasn’t as organized when he was picked, but Tim Couch still gave his best. We can only imagine how great he would have been if a better-established team picked him. Still, a season record of 22-37 is not bad at all!

Milt Plum

One of the most precise quarterbacks the team has ever seen, Milt Plum hit a winning record in four seasons, including his rookie year. Plum completed 627 of 1,083 passes throughout his career with the Browns and covered a distance of 8,914 yards!

Bill Nelsen

The Cleveland Browns would have never been the same without this icon; he led the team to quite a few playoffs. However, Bill decided to end his career after going through a series of injuries.

Brian Sipe

Brian Sipe had a regular-season record of 57-55 in the 80s! That is not all; he covered 1,944 passes out of 3,499, covered a distance of 23,713 yards, 149 interceptions, and 154 touchdowns!

Frank Ryans

This star played for the Browns from 1962 to 1968, and was the latest quarterback to triumph a National Football League championship! Frank’s peak year was 1964 when he topped the charts with 25 touchdowns!

Bernie Kosar

                              Bernie Kosar as the Browns’ quarterback 

The last Browns quarterback to make several post-season appearances, Bernie Kosar, was a reliable player for the team. With the multiple playoffs he led, Bernie almost secured a Super Bowl spot for the Browns— iconic!

Otto Graham

The only quarterback to be inducted to the Hall of Fame – he won the NFL MVP in 1951. Otto was also a First-Team All-Pro for several years from 1947 to 1955!

After preparing this list of Browns quarterbacks, we already feel like watching another season of NFL. How about you?

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