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These Are the Most Successful Players in NBA’s History

Games organized by the National Basketball Association are among the most-watched in the world. The player’s stories are inspiring, and the success enjoyed by them is astounding. Entire empires have been built around the team franchises and millions of fans tune in to watch the matches.

We have rounded up the greatest players in the history of the NBA who have graced the court.

Michael Jordan

                          landmarkmedia/Shutterstock: Michael Jordan among the best of NBA

Even if someone is not a fan of sports, there is a good chance that they have heard of Jordan. Active during 1984-93, 1995-98, 2002-04, he was one of the players responsible for taking Chicago Bulls to the position and reputation they enjoy today.

The laurels received by Michael alone can fill pages, but we will try our best to summarize why exactly he is the cream of the crop.

While playing with his team, the Bulls managed to win six NBA championships out of the fifteen seasons played. He was a beast on the court, an absolute pleasure to watch, and one of the greatest basketball players. The athlete is said to have played a key role in popularizing the league in the 1980s.

His dunking abilities earned him the name of Air Jordan and went on to release his own shoe line with the same name in collaboration with Nike.

Jordan also became the first African-American to own an NBA team and now heads the Charlotte Hornets.

LeBron James

                              ChinaImages/Depositphotos: LeBron James, a treasure for the NBA 

Even after nearly 17 years, James seems far from done and has earned his spot. Often pitted against Jordan, LeBron seems to be in a league of his own. His teams have reached NBA Final, eight times in succession.

He has been awarded MVPs four times and is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. LeBron also holds the record of being selected twelve times for the All-NBA First Team and five times for the All-Defensive First Team.

The athlete’s personal as well as professional life has always grabbed the media’s attention. He has managed to build his wealth by featuring high-value brand deals, endorsements, books, and documentaries.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

                        Tinseltown/Depositphotos: Kareen Abdul Jabbar – the lead scorer of NBA 

Starting with the hard facts – Jabbar is the lead scorer in the whole of NBA history. Active between 1969 and 1989, his techniques are still cited by experts as an ideal example. Named MVP six times in his career, Kareem is also leading the scoreboard in minutes played, games played, shot attempts made, and points scored.

Today, Abdul is considered as one of the most reputed sports persons in the country after being rewarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Revisiting the highlights and legendary sportsperson makes us feel nostalgic for the era gone by and hopeful of many new records to be achieved by star players.

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