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These Should Be Boxing’s Takeaways from UFC’s Successful Run

Unlike the promoters of boxing, the UFC and ESPN went all-in when it came to broadcasting fights and other events during the COVID-19 pandemic. It meant that they continued to enjoy their relatively fast growth compared to other similar sports.

With viewers enjoying nothing but UFC across their TV sets, boxing might soon become obsolete.

This should serve as a wake-up call for the organizers of the sport, and they need to take lessons from their counterparts like UFC on how to boost popularity. On that note, we have listed a few things boxing should start doing soon.

Broadcast More Action

Joe B dwarfed by ESPN Panel: Things Boxing should learn from UFC

ESPN has the television rights for both boxing and UFC events, but the latter has a very tight schedule, thanks to the programming package opted by its president, Dana White.

There is less talking and more action in UFC, whereas a four-hour-long boxing program involves little rink time. White has often faced criticism for being a control freak, but with this move, he hit the nail on its head.

Ultimately, it is the fights that matter. Viewers want to see the bouts instead of people talking about it.

 The Promotional Stuff

Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock: Mixed martial arts show

One might say that ‘hey, boxing is played as a sport and the UFC is basically an event promotions company – the comparison is unfair.’ While this is true, the approach works wonders for the MMA events since the marketing is so great.

People not only love UFC, but they adore its fighters, the events, and most importantly, the brand! Without a doubt, it is one of the best sports promotion companies out there.

One Big Family

We get a feeling that everybody in the UFC unit is excited about their job, and there is no business as usual. While constructive criticism is welcomed in these events, there is no one who throws shade on any of the combatants.

Despite the fact that many UFC fighters have gone on to become color commentators, we never see them complain about the changing scenarios. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about boxing.

Competitive Nature

Andre Luiz Moreira/Shutterstock: Having nail-biting matches to promote the sport

Ultimately, everyone wants to watch some nail-biting action – whether it is boxing or the UFC.

But the one thing you won’t find in the UFC is dead-rubber or lost-cause matches! In boxing, players are often unevenly matched, and there is almost always a competitor with little to no chance of winning. Avoiding such fixtures with more statistical pairings can take the sport a long way.

So, here you have the top reasons why boxing is not able to thrive as much as the UFC. The sport is certainly not a lost cause, and a paradigm shift can really help in its upliftment!

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