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MMA Fighters Earn the Big Bucks and Here’s How They Do It

Athletes are among those who rake in tons of money for doing something they love. Their lavish lifestyle alone is a testament to this fact. While people know this to be true, especially for basketball or football players, the same can’t be said for MMA fighters. UFC is still a relatively new sport, so there’s a significant gap in how much they make per fight.

But there are other ways a UFC fighter can generate income. Let’s see how these impressive fighters get the wealth they enjoy – it’s not a walk in the park for sure.

Winning Fight Nights 

agusyonok/shutterstock: MMA fighters make big bucks!

Win or lose, an MMA fighter will get money as they already have a base salary agreed in their contracts. But it doesn’t mean they won’t get extra cash if they manage to defeat their opponent, so winning is still crucial. In 2018, an average mixed martial artist would make $138,250 annually.

Like most sports, those who win often have the lion’s share, which is why the likes of Conor McGregor make a more substantial amount per match. There are even instances where they get double the amount stated in the contract if they emerge victoriously! Plus, a bonus is given to those who get the honor of being the ‘fight of the night.’

Endorsements Help Too

MMA fighters have million-dollar endorsements

An endorsement deal from a reputable brand can help boost a fighter’s star status, but unfortunately, not everyone can land one. Most companies would prefer to hire those who already carved their name prominently in the industry. A prime example of this is when Burger King took the lead and hired Conor McGregor to endorse and represent their brand. 

Like Daniel Cormier’s saga with Popeye’s Chicken, other famous fighters get the snub once in a while. Still, he was able to land a Carl Jr.’s endorsement, so it all worked out in the end.

Sponsorships are Important

Sponsorship also help MMA fighter get wealth

Some fighters rely heavily on sponsorships to cash in a few extra thousand dollars, with apparel sponsorships being the most common one. But a recent issue came up in the UFC community when they decided to partner exclusively with Reebok. This new agreement limits how a contender would earn as a pay scheme was put in place. Those with fewer fights would get significantly less than others who fought more than five times a year.

Having to fight to make a living is not an easy feat at all, and this is why mixed martial artists are well-respected in the field. Whether they are in it for fame or money, one can honestly say they are modern-day gladiators.

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