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How True is the News of Tom Brady’s Retirement After 2 Decades of “Widely Successful Career”?

The news of Tom Brady’s retirement after playing 22 seasons in the NFL is in the limelight these days. Earlier this week, multiple sources have reported that Brady, who played and outclassed in 10 Super Bowl Championships, is retiring aged 44. Sources like ESPN, The NFL Network, and Boston Globe confirmed the news of Brady’s retirement.

Bucs Wire / To date, Brady has played 22 seasons in the NFL and 10 Super Bowl Championships.

But How True is the News of Brady’s Retirement?

It was Greg Auman of The Athletics who provided the inside story. “The news of Brady’s retirement is in the air for the last couple of days. But he has not yet decided to end his career,” he said in one of his tweets. He went on to say, “this does not mean that he will not retire, but he has not made any official retirement yet.”

Another official figure to comment on the rumor of Brady’s retirement was Michael Silver of Bally Sports. “Brady’s announcement of retirement is yet to be made official. We do not have any in-house information about the news.” However, Michael hinted that Brady is likely to make his official retirement sometime soon. He asserted, “We are listening to the rumors, and a vast part of it seems true. Brady has the intentions to move to another chapter of his life.”

Boston / Brady’s decision of retirement is yet to be made public. Confirm Michael Silver & Greg Auman.

Tom Brady was “an Incredible Asset” to the New England Patriots

Kicking off his career in the NFL with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady replaced Drew Bledsoe in the 2000 and 2002 NFL drafts. Brady’s incredible athleticism led the New England Patriots to a championship victory that year.

Likewise, he went on to win his seventh bowl championship in 2020. Nevertheless, his decision to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a shock to his fans. He continued to prove his popularity while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while playing on a one-season contract with them.

For his continuous performance, Tom Brady was termed as the Oldest Super Bowl MVP of All Times – which he secured at the age of 45.

Behind the News of Brady’s Retirement, Lies His Age

One of the fundamental things that made the news of Brady’s retirement wildly circulate is his age. He had once made an announcement that he would play till the age of 45. Nevertheless, this decision seems to have been taken “in the heat of the moment.” Similarly, it would be unfair to judge a legendary player like Brady on a mere projection of age.

News Nation / Brady has won three NFL MVP awards. Reports ESPN

In an interview last year, Brady made a sensible assertion saying, “Life is uncertain. As we grow older, our responsibilities shift. Your family and kids look up to you.” Furthermore, the father of three confessed that his wife Gisele Bundchen and kids have made “a lot of sacrifices for his careers.”

He concluded by saying, “As for my retirement, I haven’t looked into it yet. I will need some time to ponder over it and see where we are heading.” If one thing that we are sure about Brady’s retirement, it is that his family is the foremost concern in making the decision.

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