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How Similar Are The Master Goals of Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth’s Actually?

This week, if the inspirations of Thomas and Spieth at the Masters are comparable it must not sound like a surprise to all golf fans. Both friends have been chasing after the same golf dreams from the early days.

A correspondent of CNBC suggests that in their teenage, Thomas and Spieth were constantly in a competition to beat each other up. Though who was the winner most of the time is unknown, it is certain that their friendship is glued under the umbrella of their teenage dream of golf. It is this sport alone that has glued them together for so long.

CNN International / It is the dreams that Thomas and Spieth have been harboring that have glued their friendship together.

Nevertheless, the golf giants are equally on the same page in frustration. Spieth is as frustrated as Thomas is. He is frustrated because of the fact that he has won one championship without a green jacket. The other, on the contrary, has just one green jacket.

As Thomas sustains his quest and unwavering dream of winning his own green jacket, he flew to Augusta this week. The obvious intention behind his flight is to ensure that everything is up and running and he is prepared to win what it takes for a green jacket. At the Augusta National, he has been practicing throughout the week with consistency. From this tireless approach of Thomas, golf fans are eulogizing him. And everyone is optimistic that he will win the next major championship not to mention the green jacket.

Forbes / Thomas is widely known as “the best putter.”

Following the tireless practice sessions, Thomas kicked off the Monday with nine holes where he was cheered by a mass of spectators. Turned out that these were the fans of Thomas who were eagerly waiting to see ‘the goat’ in action. “It was spectacular,” said Thomas commenting on the Monday vibes of the golf fans. He went on to say, “I have never seen so many spectators here at the Augusta National. Unbelievable. It was more of a surprise for me when one of my fans sent me the pictures where all the spectators were visibly seen. Even at that moment, I haven’t thought for a moment that I am playing among the sea of diehard golf fans.”

Golf Digest / Spieth’s unmatchable speed and presence of mind make him stand out among all golf players.

Commenting on the golf tactics of Spieth, Thomas says, “If you look at his speed and putting technique, it is a treat for the eyes. You just can’t believe your eyes. What is more surprising is that every shot goes at the exact same speed. I guess this is the strongest point of Spieth and I hope that he can contribute more to the incredible game of golf.”

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