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Gervonta Davis & Canelo Alvarez: Comparing Two Boxing Greats of Our Time

The world of boxing has changed considerably in recent years, with the emergence of two new top contenders: Gervonta Davis and Canelo Alvarez. Both fighters have had tremendous success in the professional ring and have become two of the most loved boxers among fans around the world.

CNN / While Canelo Alvarez is a well-established athlete, Davis is yet to make that fame!

In this article, we will be comparing these two greats to determine who is the superior fighter and why.

Gervonta Davis: The Phenom from Baltimore

Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer who hails from Baltimore, Maryland. He currently holds multiple titles in various weight divisions as well as being one of only four fighters in history to win a world title by knockout at 24 or younger. At just 29, Davis has an impressive track record and continues to prove himself as one of the most talented boxers in recent years.

ESPN / 29 years old Gervonta Davis is quickly becoming the new face of boxing – with numerous accolades under his belt.

His style is characterized by his lightning-fast reflexes and aggressive approach. He is known for being able to move quickly around the ring, throwing punches with power and accuracy. His combination of speed and strength makes him a formidable opponent for any fighter.

Canelo Alvarez: The Golden Boy from Mexico

Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer who has rapidly risen to prominence over the past few years. Currently holding multiple world titles in various weight classes, Canelo is considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. He possesses a unique combination of speed, power, and technical ability. And all that has made him an unstoppable force in the boxing world.

ABC News / Unlike Davis, the Golden Boy From Mexico – Canelo Alvarez – is an unstoppable force in the world of boxing.

Canelo is known for his patient and tactical approach to fighting, using skillful footwork to create openings and counterpunching with precision. His style is well-rounded. And he is able to adjust his strategy quickly depending on the situation.

Comparing Gervonta Davis & Canelo Alvarez

When it comes down to comparing these two great fighters, there are a few key
factors that need to be taken into consideration: speed, power, technique, and overall experience.


Both fighters have remarkable speed when it comes to throwing punches. But Gervonta Davis possesses slightly more agility in moving around the ring.


In terms of power, Gervonta Davis has a slight edge. He is known for being able to generate a great deal of force with each punch and his knockout ratio reflects this.

However, Canelo Alvarez can also throw some powerful punches. But he is more focused on accuracy than brute force.


When it comes to technique, Canelo Alvarez has a clear advantage. He excels at using footwork and counterpunching to create openings in his opponents’ defense.

Gervonta Davis also employs good technique. But his focus is mostly on speed and power rather than technical finesse.

Overall Experience

Canelo Alvarez has been involved in professional boxing for much longer than Gervonta Davis. Thus, he has faced a wider variety of opponents in different weight classes.

This is evident in Canelo’s ability to adjust quickly and stay one step ahead of his opponents.

The Final Word

When it comes to comparing Gervonta Davis and Canelo Alvarez, there is no clear winner. Both fighters have unique styles that make them formidable opponents in the ring. Ultimately, their respective successes are proof that both men are among the best boxers of our time. It will be exciting to see what these two great champions can accomplish in the years to come.

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