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Denmark’s Protest Against The World Cup’s Host Country

With the fans getting excited for the world’s most awaited soccer league to start in November, a lot is going on in Qatar – the country that is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022. However, the gulf state is facing accommodation issues; the accommodation expenses have been raised, along with other issues in the country that have arisen before the World Cup.

Denmark is set to wear a toned-down uniform at this year’s World Cup to protest against Qatar’s human rights act, which sparked a furious reaction from the gulf state. Qatar’s organizing committee accused sportswear-maker Hummel of trivializing the country’s efforts to improve conditions for migrant workers. The country has called upon the Danish federation to intervene in the matter.

Amine/Pexels | Denmark team is protesting against Qatar

The Danish National badge and Danish sportswear brand logo is barely visible on the shirts designed for the World Cup. Several rights groups and competing nations have criticized FIFA and Qatar’s rights record for keeping the event at a conservative Muslim state that condemns homosexuality and considers it illegal. Hummel wrote in one of his posts on Instagram that the new jerseys are a protest against Qatar and its human rights records.

The company also said in an Instagram post that they don’t wish to be highlighted during the tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives. This referred to the casualties of migrant laborers working on mega infrastructure projects. The company also shared that they support the Danish team, but this doesn’t mean that they support the Qatar team as a host country. In addition to the red strip jersey, a second jersey in white, black, and grey stripes is also introduced as a sign of mourning.

Kateryna/Pexels | Qatar has introduced reforms for the protection of labor.

Qatar’s Stance On The Issue

Denmark’s training jerseys will have crucial messages as the two sponsors agreed to have their logos replaced with them. World Cup organizers in Qatar gave a strict response that highlighted the reforms they have made to protect workers and improve their living conditions. The committee also said that they had had a transparent and robust dialogue with the Danish federation that had led to a better understanding of the scenario. Hummel claims that the tournament has cost several people their lives. It was also added that they are committed to the health and safety of the 30,000 workers who built the stadiums for the World Cup and other projects. 

Kateryna/Pexels | Qatar hopes to resolve issues before the match.

Qatar has clarified its stance that only three workers died in work-related accidents during the construction of eight stadiums in Doha. The reforms that have been made by Qatar have been recognized as a model that will improve the lives of laborers. Qatar released a statement saying that every country works on such issues, and it’s a continuous journey. Qatar urged DBU to accurately convey the results of their communication with the supreme committee. To ensure that it is communicated to their FIFA partners at Hummel.

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