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Things You Need to Know About House of the Dragon!

Since its initial launch, George R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones and its TV adaptation successfully baited every fantasy fan out there – thanks to the fascinating story, politics, and plot twists. Sadly, after around eight years of entertainment, the series had to be ended in 2019.

But don’t be disheartened – it’s not the end of the Westeros continent tales! As the producer, HBO plans to release a prequel of Game of Thrones titled House of the Dragon, which is based on Martin’s Fire & Blood.

While you wait for its release, we will give some vital information about the new series that you don’t want to miss, including the plot structure and details of the main characters. Beware – there may be spoilers ahead!

 The Story

Story of the House of The Dragon

House of The Dragon will take place in the GoT universe, which is around the Westeros continent. The difference lies in the timeline, though. This story happens around 500 years before the main events occur.

The plot of this new prequel concerns the legend of House Targaryen, the exiled family in Game of Thrones, or better known as the dragon rider. Nonetheless, the exact narrative structure is yet to be revealed, or perhaps, soon.

Many fans speculate that the story in House of the Dragon will cover different characters in each season, as the Fire & Blood book itself encompasses a history of Westeros in 150 years.

What’s next for the GoT fans?

Others guess that it will focus on the Targaryen Civil War, the leading cause of the past fluctuation in the continent. But once again, we can merely assume the plot, as the producer hasn’t confirmed anything related to it – let’s just patiently wait!

 Important Figures

Important players of the GoT will appear for House of the Dragon

One of the main pros of the Game of Thrones is its treatment of the main characters. The audience had to keep guessing who the real primary figures are, even after the mid-seasons! In short, it is not the typical one-person hero, like many other generic fantasy movies.

Although there is a possibility that the prequel will be treated similarly, some characters (based on the novel) are influential enough to be considered as the “main” ones.

First is the one and only King Viserys I, the peaceful ruler who successfully united all of the houses and claimed the Westeros throne. His reign brought prosperity throughout the continent, at least until his death.

The second is the brother and sister duo – Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Aegon II Targaryen. These two were the persons responsible for igniting the civil wars inside Targaryen House.

Last but not least, the main character might be Queen Alicent Hightower, the second wife of the king. This woman probably resembles Olenna Tyrell, a cunning lady from the House Tyrell in Game of Thrones.

Obviously, every GoT enthusiast is excited for House of the Dragon. However, we have to be patient, as the release date is still a couple of years away – to be precise, in 2022. Hopefully, it will be full of surprises, just like the original series!

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