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The Science of Entrance Music in WWE

WWE Superstars are known for their dynamic entrance music, which often becomes an integral part of their on-screen persona. From the iconic sound of glass shattering as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring to the thumping beats of John Cena’s “The Time is Now” entrance music plays a role in setting the tone and energizing both the wrestler and the crowd.

Now, let’s go ahead and hear from some of the biggest WWE Superstars about what they look for in a great entrance theme. We will also explore how it relates to their character and in-ring performance.

BBC / Apart from lavish promos and high-flying acrobatics, entrance music set the stage for WWE superstars.

Entrance Music: Branding

For WWE Superstars, entrance music is not just a catchy tune to walk out to. It is an opportunity to brand themselves and create a strong connection with the audience. A great entrance song should reflect their character and personality.

As Becky Lynch, one of the most popular WWE Superstars, puts it, “It’s a chance to create a bond with the audience and show them something about your character without speaking a word.” Lynch’s entrance theme, “Celtic Invasion,” reflects her Irish heritage and fighting spirit.

Energy Matters – And Entrance Music Has It!

The right entrance music can also help to pump up the Superstars for their match, giving them the energy they need to perform at their best. For WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, this is essential.

USA News / For WWE superstars, entrance music is an opportunity to brand themselves.

“The music definitely sets the energy level of the match,” he said in a recent interview. His entrance music, “Glasgow Cross,” is a heavy metal track that gets both the wrestler and the crowd fired up for the fight.

Finding the Right Beat

The tempo and rhythm of the music are also important factors Superstars consider when choosing their entrance music. “I wanted something that was up-tempo,” said former WWE Women’s Champion Bayley about her entrance theme, “Turn It Up.” The bright, upbeat sound of the song reflects her optimistic and energetic personality.

Similarly, for WWE Hall-of-Famer Goldberg, his entrance theme, “Invasion,” had to have a distinct beat that would allow him to hit his signature move, the Spear.

The Talks / WWE superstars choose the best beat that matches their tempo.

A Classic Can Make a Comeback

While most Superstars will opt for an original song to reflect their image, sometimes using a classic can be just as effective. For The Undertaker, one of the most iconic WWE Superstars, his entrance theme, “Rest In Peace,” has been the same for almost 30 years.

The haunting melody sets the tone for his ominous and intimidating character. WWE legend Triple H also revisited his classic entrance theme “The Game” in 2011 to signify his character’s return.

The Perfect Finishing Move

A great entrance song should do more than just get the crowd excited. It should also end with a memorable and iconic sound that will make a lasting impact. For WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin, the sound of glass shattering was the perfect finishing move to his entrance theme, “Glass Breaks.”

This sound added to the already explosive energy from the crowd. It became a signal of Austin’s arrival and set the tone for one of the most exciting periods in wrestling history.

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