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Here Are The Top 9 Highest-Paid DJs, Ever!

Several globally prominent DJs boast massive wealth, and in this article, we are looking at the top 10 wealthiest DJs!

9. Armin Van Buuren – Net Worth: $55 Million

Armin Van Buuren starting DJing for fun

You might have guessed this by his name already – Armin Van Buuren is a Dutch primitive who was studying law when he started DJing in his leisure time. A hobby turned to a full-time job, and soon, he was voted as the best DJ in the list of ‘Top 100 List of Most Popular DJs’ for four years in a row!

8. Paul van Dyk – Net Worth: $60 Million (tie)

Paul van Dyk is a millionaire DJ

Renowned as the first international superhit DJ, German native, Paul van Dyk was among the first musicians to receive a Grammy in the ‘Dance and Electronic’ category. Tagged #1 DJ in the world in 2005 and 2006, he is tied at #8 in our list with $60 million to his name.

7. Afrojack – Net Worth: $60 Million (tie)

Afrojack started by playing in the Rotterdam club scene back in the Netherlands but soon became a globally recognized DJ and has his own recording company named Wall Recordings.

6. Paul Oakenfold – Net Worth: $65 Million

The Grammy award nominee became a global sensation as the best trance DJ and has remixed for top artists like Britney Spears and Madonna!

5. Thomas Bangalter – Net Worth: $70 Million (tie)

He was a part of the electronic duo named Daft Punk, and later started a solo career that catapulted to success. The man also owns a music tag called Roule!

4. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – Net Worth: $70 Million (tie)

This man was the other half of Daft Punk, and the majority of his net worth is the result of his music label Crydamoure.

3. David Guetta – Net Worth: $75 Million

David Guetta is a Grammy winning DJ

This Grammy-award winning DJ and producer is a French native who has top hits like Turn Me On, Titanium, and Where Them Girls At, which made him an internationally acclaimed DJ. He has sold over 30 million singles worldwide!

2. DJ Tiesto – Net Worth: $150 Million

With over 40 awards to his name, he is among the most recognized DJs in the world. He is also the founder of his very own music label called Black Hole Recordings.

1. Calvin Harris – Net Worth: $240 Million

The highest-paid DJ is Calvin Harris. With five studio albums, he has sold over 8 million singles! The other source of income for this icon is the several endorsements he has with brands like Armani, Apple, and Pepsi!

There you have it, our list of the top 10 highest-paid DJs in the world. Don’t forget to listen to some of their greatest hits as well!

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