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The Conor McGregor Artem Lobov Feud That Turned Ugly

Conor, born in Crumlin, Dublin, is a renowned member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

He’s one of the top fighters there, who made his name by being one of the earliest players to be a bi-weight class champion at the same time- featherweight and lightweight double-champion. Secondly, he is one of the few who won against Floyd Jr, the last and most significant factor that makes him what he is today, is being one of the significant owners of Proper No. 12.

Dissolution Of The Whiskey Corporation

In the previous year, owners of the world’s largest tequila company bought the maximum shares of Whiskey No12. When Mc was interviewed, his statements gave out the idea that in the near future, selling out this company to the Beckmann family was already in the plans.

Hence, giving it away wasn’t merely because of the loss but because it was supposed to happen. In fact, a reason for the success of this company was a stakeholder himself, the UFC fighter, whose goodwill added value to the whiskey production. The company was a partnership between three mega minds, Conor McGregor, Audie Attar, and Ken Austin, whereas some of the stakes were owned by Proximo already.

So it was in 2021 when the time came to sell out the remaining stakes to Proximo. The partners agreed peacefully to get two hundred million US dollars each, six hundred million US dollars in all.

Plot Twist

Seeing his fellow member prosperous, Artem Lobov could not stand by. He claimed to have a share in the stakes, taking the matter intensely enough to file a case on Conor. Reading the names of the partners above, Lobov is nowhere in sight. However, he says that if the company was a success, it was because of him as he gave the idea to sell whiskey – according to him, it was his idea due to which his friend became a millionaire. Conor and Lobov have been really close friends and have had a history.

EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA /Pexels | The law asks for clear evidence to take a step.

In 2018, Lobov got into a fight with another UFC fighter, and Conor had his back due to which he was sent to jail because he went a little off the rail. Additionally, Lobov is a member of UFC because of his friend, yet he forgot all the good times they had and walked out to sue his mate.

To play the victim even better, he says that he was offered a million US dollars for his contribution, but he declined because of the friendship, yet seeing 200 million, he forgot all about the word friendship.

Will He Be Charged?

As a matter of fact, the court does not work on petty facts and emotions; if it did, the world would be more hullabaloo than it is currently. There is no definite answer to if Conor will be charged or not, but looking into the proof given by Lobov is quite weak to be looked into.

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