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“Such A Wholesome Moment!” For the First time Ever, Naomi Osaka Sees Her New Nike Collection in Paris

If you have even a slight acquaintance with Naomi Osaka, the number one Japanese tennis player, you can tell she is a successful figure both on and off the court.

Recently, she happened to be at a Nike outlet in Paris, where she saw her new Nike collections – in heterogeneous colors – for the first time ever. She preserved the “wholesome moment” through the lens of her camera and shared it with her large audience on Instagram.

Campaign Asia / Naomi Osaka is a four-time Grand Slam Champion and is a eulogized hero of the Women’s Tennis.

The 24-year-old Asian tennis champion walked into the Nike outlet and posed for a selfie with their new Nike collections. It is pertinent to mention here that it is for the first ever that Osaka has seen and taken pictures with her Nike collection in person.

“It is one of the wholesome moments of my life,” she wrote on Instagram, adding that she is “grateful to Nike” for featuring her new collection. Along with her short clips and videos, where she can be seen wearing her new Nike collections, the tennis phenom urges her fans to wear her new collections. “I want all of you to get my new Nike collections and wear them. Tag me and Nike Women with your pictures, and I can’t wait to see you dressed in this wonderful outfit,” the tennis star continued.

Input Mag / By wearing the new unique Nike collections of Osaka, one can feel empowered and confident. Asserts the tennis star.

Commenting on the design of the outfits, the tennis star noted that bright colors in the collection are an emblem of being empowered. “I think the bold colors and prints seem to empower.” She continued to say: “I urge all of you were these outfits and feel what I feel about them.”

The Collection is for Anyone and Everyone

CBS Sports / The idea behind the mechanism of Osaka’s new Nike collection is to make everyone try “something new just like Osaka.” asserts Nike.

Likewise, Nike also did not miss the chance of the star’s historic visit. Taking to Instagram, Nike said: “Osaka is known for taking risks. Be it on the tennis court or on the street, she is an outspoken risk taker. She is not afraid of anything, so should be you.”

Nike went on to say that as Osaka is fearless of trying new things, so are the new collections. “Osaka is of the hope to make everyone believe in themselves and not to refrain from new things. And this is what the idea is behind these unique collections,” read the caption from Nike.

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