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Epic Moments That Led Liverpool FC to the Premier League Title!

The Reds finally aced the Premier League after winning the silver accolade with seven rounds leftover, a Premier Lead Record.

28 victories with a single loss, and two draws! They proved their dominance throughout the season on the pitch, with 86 out of 93 points!Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 moments that led Liverpool to bring the silverware to Anfield.

The Battle at the Anfield Stadium!

Brendan Rodgers’ team looked for a point just to stay in the game at Anfield Stadium when James Milner’s injury led to a time penalty—this secured them a clean victory over the Foxes.

The final goal was the 34th time the Reds had scored a winning goal in the 90th minute in a Premier League.

The Red Devils Against Manchester!

Getty Images: Manchester team

This match was one for the books, not just for the Reds but also for football fans, and it was among the most prepared-for games in the League.

The Manchester team was doing incredibly well before this fixture, earning winning titles in all seven matches, but they lost points while facing the Red Devils!

The Crazy Goal Over Aston Villa!

Marc Atkins/Getty Images: Liverpool vs. Aston Villa

To be honest, this win was not an easy prediction; it wasn’t even a guess in the first place! In fact, all odds were in Aston Villa’s favor, but the Liverpool team had some phenomenal goals, and when the timer went off, they were victorious!

The entire stadium went silent with shock, and the Aston Villa team fell to the ground in dismay, but the Reds’ fans were going crazy with joy!

Wolverhampton Wanderers lose A Game!

Jordan Henderson placed the Reds at the top by the 8th minute, but soon, Raul Jiménez leveled the scores and then on, the game was one to watch with points going back and forth.

Vlad1988/Shutterstock:  Roberto Firmino

However, Roberto Firmino scored a goal in the 84th minute and sealed a clean win for Liverpool. Close one, but an undoubted victory, that’s for sure!

Yet Another Win!

This went down as a 4-0 for the Reds at the Anfield Stadium! This game helped Liverpool get to reach the significant title in advance, and the match also went down in history as the 23rd consecutive home league victory for the Reds!

Liverpool FC had worked really hard for this over the last few years, and finally, their dream came true. They were lucrative in bringing their 30-year-league to an end with the kicks and achievements of a lifetime!


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