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Surprising Facts About Vince McMahon, The Former WWE Chairman

The chairman of WWW, Vince MacMahon has been a sensational figure in the WWE. For his phenomenal career, WWE fans around the globe have been obsessed with him. Throughout his career, the WWE CEO has been named “Mr. McMahon” for his towering personality and contributions to the wrestling sport.

Every time, the WWE chairman has announced the new matches and collaborations of WWE – in a wholesome voice. For decades, Mr. McMahon has remained one of the most loved and towering figures of WWE.

Joys Talk / For his charismatic and towering personality, Mr. McMahon has been at his absolute best throughout his decades-long career with WWE.

With that said, WWE fans assume that they know everything about the WWE chairman. But there are certain things that you may not know about Mr. McMahon. And this is what this article is precisely all about. Here are some facts about Vince McMahon most people do not know about:

The Real Name of Vince McMahon

One of the lesser-known facts about Vince McMahon is that his real name is not Vince McMahon. Instead, the real name of the WWE chairman is Vicent Kennedy McMahon.

But as the CEO of WWE, he is better known as Vince McMahon. Essentially, it is a quick shortcut to his real name.

The WWE Chairman “Hates” Sneezing!

There has been a rumor that Vince McMahon detests sneezing. People have been trolling the WWE chairman for his “abnormal” attitude towards sneezing – which is a natural occurrence. Some people believe that this rumor has no truth.

Sky Sports / The chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, detests sneezing. The rumor is true!

Well, it turns out that the WWE chairman does hate sneezing. We do not know exactly why. But we know that he hates sneezing. It was in 2019 when Stephanie McMahon openly talked about this urban legend that we came to know that this is not a rumor.

The WWE CEO’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, revealed in 2019 that her dad hates sneezing. Furthermore, she revealed that Vince McMahon believes that sneezing is a “sign of weakness.” Therefore, the WWE chairman hates it.

Ironically, the WWE chairman can not control sneezing himself. His daughter reveals that she has seen her dad sneezing “quite frequently.” But she also suggests that the fact that he (the WWE chairman) can not control sneezing, he gets upset.

Vince McMahon Loves Pranking

Most believe that the WWE chairman is a serious man. Although he is a serious man as his profession makes him, he loves pranking and messing around. We know this unique fact about the WWE chairman from Jonathan Coachman, the all-time WWE favorite commentator.

MSNBC Sports / Despite the serious nature of WWE, Vince McMahon “absolutely loves” pranking, reveals WWE commentator, Jonathan Coachman.

In an interview, the WWE commentator reveals that Vince McMahon “absolutely loves” pranking and messing around. Jonathan also reveals that sometimes people at the WWE get offended by his jokes and sense of humor.

Because WWE is a serious game, jokes are not something that happens frequently. And people do not like it – especially WWE wrestlers. But this does not stop the WWE chairman from being a funny prankster.

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