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Do Hollywood Stars Own These Soccer Teams?

Hollywood celebrities are widely popular for their lavish lifestyles. They live in ultra-luxurious homes, drive lavish cars, and spend extravagantly. Think about it: What is the favorite abode of Hollywood celebrities in the U.S? You bet! It is none other than Los Angels (LA); these ultra-rich people have lavish homes here and are ubiquitous in the town driving lavish cars. On top of that, celebrities live with trends. Whatever industry is on the trend, you will find that these celebrities are hand in hand with that industry. Be it buying a million dollars worth of a yacht or a new automobile – celebrities are often up for it.

Sada / Celebrities are known for making extravagant investments. And the recent trend has shifted to owning soccer teams.

Recently, the trend among celebrities has shifted to something unique: Soccer. More than ever, celebrities are investing in the ‘game of cools’ and owning soccer teams throughout the U.S. When we look at the previous investments of some top-notch celebrities, we should not wonder why the shift has changed to sports. After all, soccer is set to become one of the most loved sports in the United States. With people of all ages taking an interest in this game, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that celebrities are also considering putting their money into sports.

Before we dive deep and go on to the list of celebrities who own soccer teams, let’s understand that this shift is naive. Apparently, sports was something that never succeeded in attracting celebrities. This does not mean that celebrities were never fans of sports. Surely, they were. But the point here is that these famous folks have never put their money into sports before. Thus, it is an unprecedented move that celebrities are investing their money in sports – particularly soccer. Fair enough! It is paying off massively.

Markus / Pexels / Investing in sports – especially soccer – is the new trend among celebrities.

With that said, here is a brief list of popular celebrities who own soccer teams in the U.S.

  • Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is the first top celebrity on our list who owns a soccer team. The popular actress is among the many owners of Angel City FC. Apart from Natalie, there are numerous other shareholders and owners of Angel City FC.

The Vulture / Natalie Portman is among the leading celebrity owners of the popular soccer club The Angel FC

But our favorite actress is among the leading owners and shareholders of the soccer club. Jessica Chastain, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Garner are some other shareholders of Angel City FC.

  • David Beckham

Another celebrity who owns a soccer team is a former soccer player and popular actor: David Beckham. What is interesting about the jeopardizing career of Beckham is that he did not become popular as an athlete – despite being a ‘good’ soccer player of his time. Instead, he became more popular thanks to his looks, style and acting career.

But his passion for soccer has not withered yet. David Beckham owns Inter Miami.

Other Celebrities Who Own Soccer Teams

  • Will Ferrel – Owns LA FC
  • Matthew McConaughy – Owns Austin FC

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